Hello, this is Glen D’souza (@nonresidentdesi on twitter) and I am a Mumbaikar living in Jena a small student city in central Germany. As I said, Jena is a small city with a a famed University and the ratio of students to locals is 4:1. Due the large student population from all parts of the planet, the city is quite lively with a host of eating options and pubs. Travelling is smooth and a bus and tram ride of about one hour should help you visit the important parts of the city. Since, it is surrounded by hills on three sites and and has a river cutting across the city, it boasts of varied options to hike and you could end up away from the buzz in the city in no time!

Travel Tips, Jena, Germany

Here are my travel tips for Jena,Germany:

1. Visit the Seven Wonders of Jena
2. Hike to the Jenzigweg
3. Take the Vintage Tram
4. Eat at the bier garten in ZurNoll and try the Thuringian platter
5. Go to the PapierMuhle, a former paper mill and now a brewery. Try the Schwarz bier (black beer) there.

How to approach the city:

Jena is very laid-back and you should have no trouble getting to know the city. Just relax and explore.