pet photography

Pets always carve a place for themselves in the family’s hearts. They become additional members of the family so much so that they are given the family name. The love for pets is universal and capturing their photos is a norm. How do you capture stunning images of your beloved pet when they are always so active and never found still? Follow these simple tips to get the best photos of your pet.

Pet Photography


It’s important to get the lighting right when you are taking photos of your pet. Natural light works best on their fur, giving you a better image of their features. Using flash can scare them and the bulb lights can cause the red-eye.

Eyes sharp

As they say, ‘Eyes are the windows to the souls’, pets have expressive eyes and it’s always a great idea to capture them sharp. Treat the image like a portrait photo and you’ll get it just right.

Change the perspective

We are used to seeing our pets from a height well above theirs. Bring in a change of perspective when by shooting the photos from below or at their eye level. Try to capture the world from their perspective and that would add the magic in your pictures.


The use of Macro lens is a must. This way you can go real close to your pet and get the finest of details. It’s the best tool to get some stunning photos of your cat’s smile or your dog’s eyes. A good depth of field surely adds a lot of meaning to the image, highlighting the subject well.

Plan your shoot

It’s hard to get your pets to stay still. Try planning your shoot just when they’re about to sleep or after they’ve just woken up. This way you would have a better chance of taking great photos. If you want a more dynamic and action filled shoot, choose the time of the day when your pets are most active.


Unlike humans, pets won’t pose for the camera. It’s important to be patient and persistent with them. Make them feel comfortable and ensure that they enjoy the shoot. It’s the easiest way to get your perfect photo.

Lastly, don’t forget to experiment with lights, props and backgrounds. Experimentation is the key to get that perfect wall picture of your beloved pet.

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