Travel Tips for Kyiv by Crazzzy Travel

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We love the city of Kyiv, because we grew up there and know almost every single street. It is also a city where we met and fell in love, so we feel pretty connected to it.

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Here are our top 5 travel tips for Kyiv :



Visit ancient churches, like Kyiv Pechersk Lavra , the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral and the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. Ukrainian churches differ a lot from both European and Asian sacred places, so you will have a chance to literally dive into Ukrainian divine world.

Tip: When entering the churches, wear long skirt/pants; heads of women must be covered, while for men the rule is vice versa.

Eat in budget restaurants.


There are lots of budget restaurants in Kyiv, the average bill in which for three course meal is around $2-3. Try traditional Ukrainian soup borshch, cabbage rolls golubtsi and dumplings varenyky.

Enjoy nature

Mariinsky Park

Kyiv is known as the city of gardens, so don’t miss your chance! Visit botanic gardens and Mariinsky Park in the downtown.

Enjoy Ukrainian Culture

Open Sky Museum Pyrohiv
Learn more about Ukrainian culture at Open Sky Museum Pyrohiv. Don’t forget to ride a horse there!

Visit Euromaidan


Visit downtown to witness the street barricades, constructed during the last Euromaidan revolution. Walk along the streets were just several months ago heroes of Ukrainian democracy were shot dead by the snipers of the totalitarian regime.

How to approach the city:

Approach the city easily, be open-minded, since many things you’ll see might seem very controversial, in the light of current political crisis.