Photography from a train

Photography from a Train

Everybody loves to travel and it’s never a surprise to see people often visiting new places or simply going back to their roots. Many great travellers like Ibn Batuta travelled extensively on primeval modes of transport. They often stressed that travel is about the journey, not the destination. Back in those days, journeys would surely be fascinating and yet extremely testing. Things have surely changed since those times and we have the luxuries of travelling by trains and airplanes! Of all the modern modes of travel, train journeys offer the most wholesome experience of the journey. If you ask me, photography from a train is tricky, but here are some tips that can make you a pro:

Photography from a train

1. Get a good spot

On the train, getting a good spot is crucial. Try finding a clear window with lesser grills and enough space for your lens to peek out safely.

2. Anticipate

Since you’re moving at a fairly decent speed, a fair bit of anticipation is required to frame and capture images. If your train is about to turn away from your subject, you’ve got to be quick and take the shots. Sometimes it may involve spotting gaps in the foliage and releasing the shutter perfectly in between those moments of clear space.

3. Shutter Speed and Lenses

Your shutter speeds have to account for the train’s motion. If you are looking to capture images with a slight blur, try using a slightly slower shutter speed of about 1/60- 1/80s. For crisp and life like images, use a higher shutter speeds of 1/200 and above. Make sure that you compensate the aperture for the shutter speed.

There isn’t much scope for wide-angle photos when you’re shooting scenes outside a train. Look to carry lenses over 70mm to capture some stunning landscapes.

4. Shoot in RAW

It would surely be difficult to get the lighting perfect at all times. Expect to capture some over exposed and some under exposed images. Shooting in RAW helps you capture all the data in your frame without compressing details. This makes the files heavier but it also gives you the liberty to edit the shadows, mids and highlights with better results.

5. Practice caution

Perch yourself on a good seat, that allows you to have a clear view outside. While you are shooting, keep a watch for flying debris as it could damage your camera. Do not put your hand out of the window; be patient and frame the shot safely.

Photography from a train should now be simple with these tips & a keen eye.

23 Cities at Age: 23

23 Cities at Age: 23

I turn 23 at the end of this month and as a part of my New Year resolution, I want to visit 23 different cities. This journey is going to be as much about self discovery as it is going to be a journey of a lifetime. I’ll be travelling on a very tight budget and this way, I plan to showcase how to travel Europe and save a lot of money. This trip will greatly add to another project I run called ‘Travel Tips By You‘, where locals give valuable travel tips to travellers.

It’s all about making this world one and helping each other.

What We Need & What You Get

Covering 23 cities is a tough task and I really want to do it in a way that opens new pathways for future travellers to Europe. I am aiming for a $5000 funding which should keep me afloat during the entire journey.

I plan to kick off the campaign from London and take a south bound course. I will be regularly updating my social media pages and giving all my supporters a real time view of the sights, sounds and fragrances of the city I am in.

I’m going to make it fun. For every city I visit all my supporters get a chance to win super cool souvenirs.

The Impact

I aim to showcase 23 brilliant cities to you and give you the local knowledge that tourists often miss out on.

I aim to inspire people to travel and get the best possible deals when in town.

I aim to grown as a person and exchange cultures with the world.

Create a series of articles that share travel tips by locals for travellers.

Ways You Can Help


Visit this link:  and CONTRIBUTE NOW to the fundraiser.

You can donate any amount you deem fit by clicking the ‘Contribute’ button.  All contributions will be acknowledged and I will reach out to you with a little thank you.

Alternatively, you can select a perk for your contribution. There are unique perks for $10, $20, $50, $500 & $1000

2. Share this campaign on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

3. Drop in a line at &


Travel Tips for Mumbai

Travel Tips for Mumbai, India by Chaitanya Shah

Hello! I’m Chaitanya Shah the creator of Traveling Curiously. I’m from the crazy city of Mumbai. It’s call the ‘City of Dreams’ in India and this little island is virtually a mini-India. Even with all its flaws and troubles I love the city because it has been my home for 23 years. I think every body should visit Mumbai at least once in their lives because it always promises to be an experience. Some people love it, some hate it and some can’t live without it. It is the ‘City of Dreams’.

Here are my 6 travel tips for Mumbai:

Do a Lunchex Tour with me: is a great platform for travellers to get guided local experiences with experienced bloggers in the city. Being a part of Lunchex, I plan to regularly host guided food tours & walks in the city of Mumbai. Click on the image to know more:

Lunchex Marketplace

m-Indicator mobile app + railway map of Mumbai

Don’t even think about travelling in Mumbai without these two things in your cell phone/tablet. These are must haves. The m-indicator app gives you a detailed time table for buses, trains and give you auto-fare card.

Try Bhajiya- Paav (Fries & Bread)

This is an invention that defines the metropolis of Mumbai. It’s a classic fusion of Maharashtrian & Portuguese food. Try it and I promise you won’t complain.

Visit the Prince of Wales Museum

It’s been re-christened as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangralaya. This museum houses some of the most amazing collection of art, archaeology and natural history.

Witness Ganesh Utsov (Ganesh Festival)

Ganesha is the god of the gods and the celebrations are of epic proportions. Imagine 10 million people out on the streets of Mumbai dancing to bollywood songs and having a blast. La Tomatina is put to shame.

Walk around Fort & Flora Fountain areas of the city

Flora Fountain and the Fort area of Mumbai have some of the colonial architecture. You find many structures of Gothic, Neo Gothic, Indo-Saracen styles and they are a treat to watch.
Flora Fountain

 How to deal with the city:

Approach the city with an open mind and don’t have any expectations. It’s one of most universal travel tips for Mumbai.