Five Ways To Pay For Your Next Dream Trip

Five Ways To Pay For Your Next Dream Trip

If travel is your guilty pleasure then fulfilling it is what must be driving you at your day job. The dream of sitting in a beach shack with a beer in hand and the sunset for a view can often be taxing on your paycheck often leaving you with a feeling of restlessness, which every wanderluster can relate to. But as they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Smart travellers find ingenious ways to pay for the next big trip, without having to dig deep into their day job salaries. With easy access to internet, location independent gigs have given people great flexibility and more opportunities to earn handy cash that supplements the day-job income.

Here are some five ways to pay for your next dream trip:

1) Barter:

You’ll always have skills that someone else could use. For me it’s photography and WordPress website building. I often reach out to businesses and hotels in the place I plan to wish, offering them my photography skills or website building skills in exchange for stay/ food. It’s a no brainer. I’ve had reasonable success with this and I’ve gone on to become good friends with many such businesses.

2) Complete tasks on Streetbees:

We often overlook the fact that we’re all consumers, and that our thoughts, habits and preferences determine the products that companies make. Giving our feedback on products or sharing info in exchange for cash is a great and easy way to pay for that next trip. I personally like Streetbees because it’s super easy to use. It’s an active marketplace that’s packed with paid activities.

The app is on the Google Play Store and the App Store with a pretty large user base, which is why many large Indian brands work with them directly. Use my reference code k47p0c when you sign up! Recently, Streetbees launched a project in which they asked Indian women to shoot a 2-minute video about their home cleaning routines and the products they use. The cash reward for doing this was Rs.1500, which is a handy sum by any measure. Enough to take care of your visa fees, if you think about it 🙂

3) Host on AirBnB:

While I haven’t signed up as a host on Airbnb myself, I’ve had tonnes of friends who seem to have made Airbnb a consistent source of secondary income. Offering a spare room for 10$-12$ a night is a good way of saving for that grand trip. Don’t be surprised if you end up becoming close friends with your guests; travel always leaves you with a long list of new friends in its wake.

4) Get an Airline – Credit/Debit Card:

Spend smartly. Use an airline affiliated credit or debit card. These cards earn you air miles every time you swipe your card. Yes. Use your card even if it is a trivial purchase. I use the HDFC Jet Airways card and let’s just say that in a span of 6 months, I’ve accumulated enough miles for a trip to Sri Lanka! Ahem. Yes, this could very well be my next destination.

5) Freelance:

There are 24 hours in a day and if you dream of sipping sangrias in Spain, you could spend the free hours after work freelancing. Busting your ass during the week with freelancing gigs can definitely help you earn serious handy cash for the next dream trip. Besides, it also builds your portfolio professionally. Win- win, isn’t it? Check out websites like Fivver and Freelancer to get started!

Combine all of these tips into your daily life and what do you get? Your dream trip of course! Sure, it involves a little bit of hard work, especially if you consider taking up freelancing work, but things like swiping an airline affiliated credit/debit card or doing activities on Streetbees require minimal time and effort.

Give these tips a shot and share your thoughts! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my budgeting strategy for my upcoming trips.