Tourlandish Review

Tourlandish Review

Every once in a while you discover something that seems to be like God’s answer to your prayers.  I always wished that tourists visiting my city of Mumbai would get a guided tour without actually having to depend on local tour operators.  There’s a simple reason to this: local tour operators won’t be able to offer the perfect mix of touring options according to a person’s choice.

I thought, may be some day I would create such a tool that would give people just want they wanted and liked with the local twist and then magically I discovered Tourlandish.

Tourlandish is like your personal concierge service to New York City. If you’re traveling to New York and want in on any of the major tourist attractions of the city this is your go-to app!

Tourlandish Options

Created by a proven team including Varun Khona (CEO), Vikram Jit Singh (CTO) and Suren Sultania (COO) this app lets you book local activities straight from your pocket.

Here’s my review of this interesting app.



 In-app purchase

The best part about this app is that all the purchases are in-app and there’s no hassle of being re-directed to a new window to make payments.

Wide Range of Categories

Currently Tourlandish has 9 categories: Walking Tours, Food & Drink, Broadway, Around NYC, Activities, After Drink, VIP, Arts and Landmarks.

For me, this largely covers what an average tourist would want to do. I was personally loved the fact that they have quite a few walking tours. As a traveller I enjoy taking long walks around the city and that feature really made me like the app a little more.


Last Minute Deals

No plans when you land in New York? Tourlandish has got you covered now! The last minute deal functionality adds a lot of value to its proposition.


Most bookings with Tourlandish give you a nifty discount.  Not bad for a last minute deal is it?


Android Only

As of now, the app is available for Android only. That’s a bit of a bummer for iOs or Windows phone users.  Hopefully that’s something Tourlandish would be working on!

New York City Only

It’s a startup and offers deals for New York only. With time, I’m sure they will expand to cities across the world very soon.

Final Word

Value for money

I really think that this app gives you better value for your money. Saving on most of your transactions is really cool and as a discount hunter nothing pleases me more.


The highlight of this app would be its convenience. As a tourist to a new city you really wouldn’t know where to look for what and I know many people who are just too lazy to research about the city they are visiting to for work or any other purpose.

This app fill this stop perfectly!

Need to expand

Needless to say the Big Apple isn’t everything.  Tourlandish needs to expand its offerings to other cities around the world.

Give it a shot here:

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