6 russian foods

6 Delicious Russian Foods

Travelling to amazing new places is surely great thing and I really love, but there’s something that I love even more: food. I don’t think I can ever travel to a new place and not try out local food. I come from the city of Bombay and we say that if you can stomach Bombay street food, you can eat anything, anywhere in the world. I can proudly say that I am a living testament to that belief.

When I was in Russia, I was pigging out every meal and by the end of my trip I swear I could eat Russian portions of meat. They are huge. Really huge.

Of all the delicious Russian foods I had, these are the ones I absolutely recommend:



Shashlik is the Russian word for barbeque! Picture delicious meat roasted on a coal fire. The meat sweats out some of the fat and the aroma of coal is infused beautifully in the tender meat when it is ready.  You’ve got to try this stuff. Shashliks are a perfect chow-down with some classic Russian vodka.



Pancake fans this one is for you! Russian pancakes are called ‘Blini’. They are everything you expect from a pancake. Light, fluffy and delicious, Blini are usually had with honey. Consider this as something you’d have to get your jaws moving at a Russian breakfast table.



Cold soup what? I never had a cold soup before. Okroshka was the perfect introduction to the whole cold soup range for me. This soup is a mixture of raw vegetables and cooked meat (usually beef) with ‘Kvaas’ a mildly alcoholic beverage made from rye bread!

Do try this out because it has a very unique taste!

Note: Kvaas is a mildly bitter drink that is very refreshing and unique in taste. You should try it for sure.

Manti/ Pelmeni


Do you like dumplings? If yes, then Manti or Pelmeni is just the thing for you. Filled with beef meat, these dumplings come with a healthy sprinkle of rosemary.  They plate the dumplings with a big dollop of sour cream which goes really well with the Pelmeni.



Fish eggs. Those words made me squirm a little bit, but the idiot that I am, I decided to try it anyway. They say you have to develop a taste for caviar and I agree with them. My tryst with caviar was really eventful. You should read the complete story: (My Tryst with Caviar)



You may not know much about Russia, but you surely know ‘Borshch’.  It is the famous beetroot soup that is served on dinner tables across Eastern Europe. This soup is originally an Ukrainian preparation, but as they say delicious food has no boundaries.

Give these dishes try and tell me what you think.  Also, if you have already tried any of these, which one of these is your favourite?

Lastly, I’d love to know about other Russian dishes that you absolutely love in the comments!