Pilsen Czech Republic

Travel Tips for Pilsen Czech Republic

I am Katerina Cvachova and I am an university student living and studying in Pilsen Czech Republic where I was born.
I am studying English and Arts so a lot of places I like are related to those. I like the Museum of West Bohemia and the Gallery of West Bohemia and I also love all the festivals that are here especially during spring and summer which are really great those are music festivals but also open air theatre festivals.
Pilsen or Plzeň is scheduled to be the European Cultural Capital for 2015! The city is famous for its Pilsner beer and is just 90km away from the capital city of Prague( Praha), Czech Republic

Cathedral of St. Bartholomew Pilsen Czech Republic
Cathedral of St. Bartholomew’s main area
Cathedral of St. Bartholomew Pilsen Czech Republic
Cathedral of St. Bartholomew interiors.
Cathedral of St. Bartholomew Pilsen Czech Republic
Cathedral of St. Bartholomew on the Square of Republic in Pilsen

My 5 recommendations are:

1. Summer City Fest

This is a music festival which combines different genres of music and takes place near the main centre of University of West Bohemia on Bory . The web page though is only in Czech.

2. Majales

I would also recommend another festival which is called Majales, which has almost 20 years long tradition and concentrates mostly on rock music genres. The website is also only in czech but I think it is worth seeing because of the atmosphere.

3. Brewery Museum

Because Pilsenn is also known for beer I would also recommend visiting the brewery and the brewery museum

4.Gallery of West Bohemia

I would also recommend visiting the Gallery of West Bohemia but the web sites are only in Czech language.

5. Techmania Science Center

Another interesting spot is the Techmania Science Center in Pilsen

6. Český Krumlov

Traveling Curiously highly recommends visiting Český Krumlov, an idyllic little town that’s very close to Pilsen. The little town of Český Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage site!

How to approach this city

 Josef Kajetan Tyl Theatre
The main theatre in Pilsen is the Josef Kajetan Tyl Theatre
 Great Synagogue
The Jewish Great Synagogue in Pilsen

There are information points right on the Republic Square where they can provide information for travellers. People in Prague are used to foreigners but elsewhere people could be surprised by foreigners but generally Czechs are kind and would help you if they understand English.

Maps With Me Pro

REVIEW: MapsWithMe Travel App

Travel is getting tech savvy and the mobile devices boom has enabled the traveller to carry the world in his/her pocket. Now your mobile device helps you call, stay connected socially and help you find your way on the move. I love twitter and I happened to come across the MapsWithMe travel app during one of those fun events like #ttot.  I’m always curious about new technology and I was drawn into checking out their website. Two words, offline maps & no-grey-screen maps came out glaringly.  I downloaded the app and I was seriously impressed, so I decided to get in touch with them and review their product. MapsWithMe have been very kind to have offered me their Pro version.  Here’s what I liked about the product.Screenshot_2013-11-23-22-05-44

So, when you download the travel app and launch it for the first time, it does a small download to get the world map in place. Once that’s done you are ready to kick off.  The user interface is very intuitive. You can get your way around all its features very easily and usually within a tap of a button.  When you selected the region you want to explore or plan to travel to, just download the detailed map of that place.
This is great for those who love to research and know about their destination well in advance and it also lets the whimsical people find places that fit their fancy.  I love to plan my trips, even to the exact minute if possible and I really would find this handy. The biggest positive in all of this is that it is completely offline. Once you’ve downloaded the detailed map for a region/country you can search for a little food stall right at the corner of a street offline!

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The maps are rich in details. You can search for food joints, shops, hotels, sights, entertainment, atms, and even transportation individually or see them simply overlaid on to the map. The GPS constantly gives you the correct direction and the distance from your marked destination.  Another helpful feature in this travel app is the note tool. You can pin down locations that you want to visit and add a note to it. It’s a handy tool especially when you are unsure of how you plan to spend your day while travelling.

The biggest pro of this app is that it works offline.  MapsWithMe gives a great viewing experience to the user as it doesn’t get those grey patches you typically see when you zoom into a map online. I downloaded the detailed map for India and I was impressed by the quality of information that the maps gave.  I’d surely recommend this app for digital nomads and frequent travellers.

You can check out the features and download the app for your iOS/Android device by clicking on this link: http://mapswith.me/en/home

Do leave your thoughts on this review in the comments below!