23 Cities at Age: 23

23 Cities at Age: 23 Contest

It’s about time that I organise a contest for my readers. This one is going to be mutually beneficial. You will get a treat from some of the most amazing places in Europe delivered right at your door step, while I take you on a virtual tour around the continent.

How does it work?

1. Contribute to my fundraiser: http://igg.me/at/23CitiesAt23/x/5554490
2. Share your contribution on Facebook & Twitter.
3. Follow our Facebook & Twitter pages for updates
4. Answer simple questions everyday on the pages to win treats from Europe.

The Itinerary:

Contest kicks off from London.
(Watch this space to see how the itinerary builds up.)

Please Note: Only contributors are eligible for this contest and the contest is subject to success of the fundraiser.

To know how to become a contributor, please read this article.


23 Cities at Age: 23

23 Cities at Age: 23

I turn 23 at the end of this month and as a part of my New Year resolution, I want to visit 23 different cities. This journey is going to be as much about self discovery as it is going to be a journey of a lifetime. I’ll be travelling on a very tight budget and this way, I plan to showcase how to travel Europe and save a lot of money. This trip will greatly add to another project I run called ‘Travel Tips By You‘, where locals give valuable travel tips to travellers.

It’s all about making this world one and helping each other.

What We Need & What You Get

Covering 23 cities is a tough task and I really want to do it in a way that opens new pathways for future travellers to Europe. I am aiming for a $5000 funding which should keep me afloat during the entire journey.

I plan to kick off the campaign from London and take a south bound course. I will be regularly updating my social media pages and giving all my supporters a real time view of the sights, sounds and fragrances of the city I am in.

I’m going to make it fun. For every city I visit all my supporters get a chance to win super cool souvenirs.

The Impact

I aim to showcase 23 brilliant cities to you and give you the local knowledge that tourists often miss out on.

I aim to inspire people to travel and get the best possible deals when in town.

I aim to grown as a person and exchange cultures with the world.

Create a series of articles that share travel tips by locals for travellers.

Ways You Can Help


Visit this link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/23-cities-at-23/x/5554490  and CONTRIBUTE NOW to the fundraiser.

You can donate any amount you deem fit by clicking the ‘Contribute’ button.  All contributions will be acknowledged and I will reach out to you with a little thank you.

Alternatively, you can select a perk for your contribution. There are unique perks for $10, $20, $50, $500 & $1000

2. Share this campaign on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

3. Drop in a line at   http://www.facebook.com/TravelingCuriously & http://www.twitter.com/TravCuriously



Travel Tips for Jena, Germany by Glen D’souza

Hello, this is Glen D’souza (@nonresidentdesi on twitter) and I am a Mumbaikar living in Jena a small student city in central Germany. As I said, Jena is a small city with a a famed University and the ratio of students to locals is 4:1. Due the large student population from all parts of the planet, the city is quite lively with a host of eating options and pubs. Travelling is smooth and a bus and tram ride of about one hour should help you visit the important parts of the city. Since, it is surrounded by hills on three sites and and has a river cutting across the city, it boasts of varied options to hike and you could end up away from the buzz in the city in no time!

Travel Tips, Jena, Germany

Here are my travel tips for Jena,Germany:

1. Visit the Seven Wonders of Jena
2. Hike to the Jenzigweg
3. Take the Vintage Tram
4. Eat at the bier garten in ZurNoll and try the Thuringian platter
5. Go to the PapierMuhle, a former paper mill and now a brewery. Try the Schwarz bier (black beer) there.

How to approach the city:

Jena is very laid-back and you should have no trouble getting to know the city. Just relax and explore.