India Street Photography

Top Places in India for Street Photography

Street Photography is a massive challenge and those who engage in it are addicts for lifetime. Street Photography captures fleeting moments, expressions, ironies and things we often miss in a hurry. While it can be very difficult to find subjects and get a clear shot, one out of a hundred images will surely be a classic and this rule is applicable to beginners too.

India is rich in culture and vibrant in colours. In the same breath, we can take the liberty of calling a country full of paradoxes. Here is a small list of superb Street Photography places across India.


Known as the financial capital of India, the streets of Mumbai are filled with characters and stories. The hot spots in the city are Marine Drive and Girgaum Chowpatty. These places are excellent for street portraits, irony pictures and silhouettes.


Chandni Chowk is the heartbeat of Delhi. Endless rows of sweet marts, food stalls and a healthy clamour of people and vendors. These busy streets are perfect to capture expressions and people. Where there is activity, there is a picture to be made. Clicking a picture of a person hungrily biting into a piece of piping hot parathas, won’t be so hard to get right!


The centre of everything Hindu, Varanasi is a city of Sadhus and the sanctum of Hindu rituals. Walking on the streets, you will see awe-inspiring scenes of little boys with bald heads and pig tails reciting Sanskrit scriptures in cohesion. Images of deep devotion and servitude to a religious belief are apparent in every one at Varanasi.


You’ve got to see it to believe it. The Nawabi (Royal) culture of Lucknow is present in everything from food to people’s demeanour. Subtle gestures of courtesy and Nawabi style of eating a ‘pan’ are jewels that you could capture.

While you roam the streets, there are a few basic tips that you should always keep in mind for Street Photography.

Be Shoot Ready

Street photography is a challenge because you only have that one second to click a natural expression. The minute you raise your camera, click away. The subject may become aware and hideaway or pose. You’d only want to capture natural, non-posing pictures.

Be Inconspicuous

Attracting too attention is the last thing that you’d want, when doing Street Photography. Avoid the gaze and blend into the crowd. When you’ve made your click, move and keep the camera low key.


If, they say No. Respect it.

Many a times, people wouldn’t appreciate you clicking them. Respect their wishes. Street Photography can easily be considered as an infringement of personal space. It is important to respect privacy and it is recommended that you carry model release forms with you, if you plan to upload or publish people’s photographs.

street photography

You should also consider exploring cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Panji, Kochi, Chennai, Shimla for street photography. These are vibrant cities and should rank high on your must visit list.

Need some technical tips on Street Photography? Click HERE.


long exposure photography

Long Exposure Photography Tips

Long exposure photography blends in the old school knowledge and understanding of camera mechanics along with the latest technology. This form of photography surely involves a fair amount of planning and skill. You have to experiment, chop and change values to get some surreal results. Long Exposure photography will also help you learn about your camera and its capabilities. The thumb rules of photography are all in play as you get set to capture images that have an unreal quality. The time lapse captured is amazing and you can expect some jaw dropping images! Here are some handy tips to get your shots right from the first click:

1. Use RAW format:

Use the RAW format while clicking your long exposure shot. Even at a lower ISO, you will find some noise in the image. These are easy to clean out during the processing phase. It is possible that you may find some red/green/blue pixels at ISO 100.

2. Use a Lens Shade:

Since this is going to be a long exposure, you’d want to ensure that no stray light enters the sensors. It is recommended that you cover the viewfinder with a cap for exposures longer than 60 seconds.

3. Tripod and Cable Release:

Since it is a long exposure shot, a tripod and cable release remote is absolutely essential. You wouldn’t want your camera to shake once the shutter is open.

4. Natural Conditions:

Choose the perfect conditions. Set up your equipment well before the light fades out. This will leave you with enough time to capture time-lapse of the sun setting. These will make for amazing images. It’s needless to say to that you will have to experiment with various settings and values.

5. Lengthen the Shutter Speed to get an unreal feel:

Longer shutter speeds will capture larger time frames. This will surely add a lot of blurry lights from moving cars and swaying trees. Thus enhancing the background whilst creating a more unique image.


Using these five basic tips will surely give you a good result. You have to judge the situations and the lighting around to make the perfect picture. If you are an advanced user, you can try using Neutral Density filters for better effects and photos. Adding filters will mean certain adjustments in your light metering and focus, which is easy to do. Hope you capture some stunning long exposure images!  Happy clicking!


Travel Tips for Minsk, Belarus by Palina Kavalchuk

Hi! I’m Palina Kavalchuk from Minsk, Belarus. There are lots of small villages and towns to visit around Minsk yet, the city centre is still the most worthwhile place to see in Belarus. I absolutely love the country I live in and I consider Minsk to be at the heart of it.

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. Between 1919-1991 it was the capital of the Former Byelorussian SSR. Much of the city was destroyed during the 2nd World War, later to be rebuilt to the liking of Stalin in the 1950s.

It’s a great city to witness remnants of the Soviet lifestyle. English is rarely spoken in Minsk, so it is advisable to learn some key phrases in Russian.

1. Tip #1:

Don’t come here at winter time.

2. Gorky Park

Take a walk around Gorky Park. Take a ride on Ferris wheel, buy pop-corn, cotton candy or ice cream and plunge into the world of childhood. Go for a row on a boat or pedal boat along Svisloch. It’s better to start your water activities at the Nemiga area.

3. Cycling the city

If you are adventurous, take a bicycle ride across the whole city, riding to the city centre and finishing your journey at Minsk-Arena. Here Ice Hockey World Championship will take place in May 2014. From there you can go to the Minsk Sea. Lots of water sport activities are available during the summer time.

Victory Square Minsk

4. Liberty Square and Minsk Town Hall

Go to the Liberty Square and Minsk town hall. There you’ll see the main Orthodox and Catholic Cathedrals and Synagogue standing face to face. I guess if any other religious groups lived in Minsk you would see here a temple for each of them.

5. Night Life

Minsk is quite famous for its active night life. Although it seem like everyone in the city is dead after midnight you just need to drop into the nearest bar to change the perception. Well, Minsk is also popular among sex-tourists. You’ll definitely meet lots of beautiful party girls in numerous night clubs.

How to approach this city:

Be ready to see the remnants of the Soviet past at every turn.