Tempe Arizona

Travel Tips for Tempe Arizona

Hello! I am Vaibhav and I moved to Tempe for studies and it has been awesome staying here. It has warm climatic conditions round the year although the summer can get pretty hot! The people are very friendly and this city has one of the places with the most exciting and happening night life.

The city of Tempe also known as Hayden’s Ferry during the territorial times of Arizona is a university-city. Named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece the city is home to over hundred thousand people.  Tempe is home to the largest campus of Arizona State University and it also has great performance venues like the Gammage Auditorium and the Tempe Centre for the Arts.

The cool thing about this city during New Year’s Eve is that it hosts the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. It’s officially one of the largest New Year’s Eve  parties!

Tempe Arizona Town Lake

Here are my 5 tips for Tempe Arizona:

1) Great Restaurants

Try House of Tricks, Piya Jungle and Chompie’s

2) Good Pubs and Discotheques

Try Monsoon Brewery, Sleepy Dog Brewery and Four Peaks Brewing Company

3) Pleasant Climate

The city has pleasant climate throughout the year.

4) Good food-both veggie and non veggie

As a vegetarian, I found a lot of good places to eat. It’s a green light for many of the fussy eaters.

5) Lots of places for hikes/camping

You could try out some easy hikes like the South Pima Canyon Road or the South Mountain National Park’s Mormon Loop Trail. There’s a hike for every level of expertise. I suggest using this link for www.tempe.gov/parks for more info.

How to approach the city:

This is a Party Town to the core. So enjoy to the fullest but don’t break any rules 🙂 There are lots of other places to visit like museums, theatres, restaurants, etc to enjoy with family too!

night sky

Capturing the Night Sky

The lure of night photography bites every enthusiast sooner or later and it’s not difficult to understand why. The night brings out the moon and starts against a perfect black sky. The sight is pleasing to the eye and it opens up a box of wonderful possibilities. Night photos require a basic understanding of camera features like the shutter speed, aperture and film rate.

Once you have got a hang of this, you can begin. Ideally, a night photo will require a sturdy tripod, and a remote control trigger. The tripod will help you keep the camera absolutely still during the exposure and the remote control trigger will help you open the shutter with almost zero click vibrations. All these points go a long way when you have long exposures exceeding 30 seconds. It is advised that you frame your image well, considering all the elements in the foreground and background. Here are some tips that you can follow to get a perfect photo of the night sky.

Night Sky Photography

1. Choose the correct Focus Setting:

The most crucial part of long exposure photos is the focus. If you are looking to shoot the stars, keep the zoom just short of infinity. This will ensure good details in the foreground and background, while having a good depth of field. In case you want to frame a specific foreground and a background, you can make two separate images and merge them in the post production.

2. Set an ideal Shutter Speed:

The shutter speed determines the duration of the exposure. If you want to capture a Star trail across the sky you should ideally have the shutter speed of 150 -180 minutes. For a sharp and stationary image of stars in the night sky, you can set the shutter speed to about 30 seconds. Generally for exposures in excess of 30 seconds, you usually set the shutter to ‘Bulb’ mode.

3. Set the Widest Aperture:

Your F-stop indicates how much of the film or sensor is exposed to the incoming light. Since you are shooting in the night, you should bargain for every inch of light that you can capture. Set the F-stop to the lowest value so that you have the widest aperture. In most cameras and lenses, we get F-stops as low as f/1.8 and f/2.

Do take care of the nuances like setting your tripod on flat, stable ground and charging your camera battery to full capacity before tripping the trigger. Use a film rate of ISO 400 at the very least and tempt yourself with ISO 3200 too. Remember these few points when you are out clicking and you will have some truly amazing pictures to show!

India Street Photography

Top Places in India for Street Photography

Street Photography is a massive challenge and those who engage in it are addicts for lifetime. Street Photography captures fleeting moments, expressions, ironies and things we often miss in a hurry. While it can be very difficult to find subjects and get a clear shot, one out of a hundred images will surely be a classic and this rule is applicable to beginners too.

India is rich in culture and vibrant in colours. In the same breath, we can take the liberty of calling a country full of paradoxes. Here is a small list of superb Street Photography places across India.


Known as the financial capital of India, the streets of Mumbai are filled with characters and stories. The hot spots in the city are Marine Drive and Girgaum Chowpatty. These places are excellent for street portraits, irony pictures and silhouettes.


Chandni Chowk is the heartbeat of Delhi. Endless rows of sweet marts, food stalls and a healthy clamour of people and vendors. These busy streets are perfect to capture expressions and people. Where there is activity, there is a picture to be made. Clicking a picture of a person hungrily biting into a piece of piping hot parathas, won’t be so hard to get right!


The centre of everything Hindu, Varanasi is a city of Sadhus and the sanctum of Hindu rituals. Walking on the streets, you will see awe-inspiring scenes of little boys with bald heads and pig tails reciting Sanskrit scriptures in cohesion. Images of deep devotion and servitude to a religious belief are apparent in every one at Varanasi.


You’ve got to see it to believe it. The Nawabi (Royal) culture of Lucknow is present in everything from food to people’s demeanour. Subtle gestures of courtesy and Nawabi style of eating a ‘pan’ are jewels that you could capture.

While you roam the streets, there are a few basic tips that you should always keep in mind for Street Photography.

Be Shoot Ready

Street photography is a challenge because you only have that one second to click a natural expression. The minute you raise your camera, click away. The subject may become aware and hideaway or pose. You’d only want to capture natural, non-posing pictures.

Be Inconspicuous

Attracting too attention is the last thing that you’d want, when doing Street Photography. Avoid the gaze and blend into the crowd. When you’ve made your click, move and keep the camera low key.


If, they say No. Respect it.

Many a times, people wouldn’t appreciate you clicking them. Respect their wishes. Street Photography can easily be considered as an infringement of personal space. It is important to respect privacy and it is recommended that you carry model release forms with you, if you plan to upload or publish people’s photographs.

street photography

You should also consider exploring cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Panji, Kochi, Chennai, Shimla for street photography. These are vibrant cities and should rank high on your must visit list.

Need some technical tips on Street Photography? Click HERE.