Architecture Photography

4 Tips for Architecture Photography

In our pursuit to be as creative as nature, the human mind has developed many interesting patterns over the course of its existence.  This is reflected in the clothes, accessories and architecture that humans have developed. Just like shooting nature, capturing various styles of architecture does catch on to a curious shutterbug. Intricate details that resemble trellis or strong Roman columns that resemble the elephant’s legs are just a few analogies that inspired our design. For enthusiastic architecture photographers here are 4 tips for architecture photography.

Architecture Photography

1 Prepare:

Preparation is the key element in architecture photography. Check for the opening and closing timings of the place you wish to shoot. Visit the place during the early hours or half an hour before the closing.  Don’t forget to check the weather and try to shoot in the golden light period. Some places may require prior permission, so it is highly recommended that you visit the authorities and inform them about your shoot.

2 Equipment:

Shooting architecture will require some specific gear like wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lens. We’d recommend a telephoto lens to capture some specific parts of the structure. A tripod and UV filters are highly recommended for the shoot.  The tripod gives you the liberty to click long exposure shots for the shadows inside the structure. The UV filters would work really well in cases where there is direct sunlight.

3 Composition:

Architecture needs to be shot with great care. Try to keep the frame clean and devoid of distracting elements. Since your frames will be tight, be very careful in composing your image.  The rule of the thirds always works and you could try it depending on the subject you plan to shoot. In case of stairs you could try using the ‘Leading Lines’ technique to accentuate the building’s features.

4 Colour or Black & White:

This choice is largely depended on the photographer’s choice and style. While colour photos add a lot of vibrancy to the image, black & white photos create a greater sense of depth.  Since structures have shadows and bright spot, it is crucial to getting the contrast right. Colour photos work great while showcasing the building’s structural features and can be used perfectly.

With these tips in your mind, we are sure that you will click some stunning architecture photos that have the ‘wow’ factor!

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