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Sighting rainbows is always thrilling. This natural phenomenon is simply magical and can completely transform the horizon. Rainbows make everything look like fairyland and surreal. Capturing these wonderful sights should definitely be on every photographer’s list. A rainbow is an optical phenomenon that occurs due to the refraction of light through water vapour. If you are extremely lucky, you can sometimes catch multiple rainbows too! In multiple rainbows, the secondary arc is seen outside the primary rainbow in a fainter inverted arrangement of colours. The natural conditions have a large influence on the characteristic of the rainbow and its appearance. Here are some handy tips on capturing a shot of rainbows:

Rainbow Photographyl

1. Composition:

The composition of your photo is extremely crucial. The colours of the rainbow may not always be bright. Try to frame the rainbow against a clear background without too many elements and the foreground should ideally be a contrast to the sky. Try keeping a good balance between the elements in the foreground, and background.

2. Polarising Filter:

Unnecessary light can reduce the rainbow’s visibility in the taken picture. Using a polarising filter will cut out excess light and the colours of the rainbow would come out brightly. Polarising filters increase the vibrancy of colours by reducing the sunlight that passes through the camera lens.

3. Lens:

Keep a wide angle and telephoto lens handy. The wide-angle lens will help you capture the entire width of the rainbow. You can capture the entire primary arc and if you are lucky, the secondary rainbow arcs too. The telephoto lens comes in handy when you aim for the ‘End-Of-The-Rainbow’ shots. Rainbow photography trips would be sorely incomplete without an image of the point where the rainbow meets the ground.

4. Metering:

Consciously meter the light away from the dark clouds behind the rainbow. This will reduce the vibrancy of the rainbow.

Chasing rainbows is an exciting adventure! Rainbows often last for a few minutes, not giving you enough time to set up your equipment. It is advisable to also use a good tripod to capture rainbows for stable and sharp shots. We hope you capture some stunning rainbows with the help of these tips and who knows, maybe the pot of gold too.

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