The feeling of ‘I belong’-

Ever experienced the feeling of belonging? I’m talking about that moment when your actions feel just right.  I had that feeling whenever I was traveling. I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled across the length and breadth of India. Ever since I was little kid I have travelled to new places every time I had a vacation from school. Those trips where often long hauls spanning across 10-15 days in various parts of the country.

Growing up –

Growing up sucks. Indian kids are spoilt brats and entering the work force is a rude shock to most young kids. We tide through though and the system grooms us into hard working people for whom office hours means anytime you aren’t in bed. I grew up fine, but there was something within me that was waiting to get out. Going out on a short trip after 1.5 years of non-stop work shook me up and made me realise that to continue the intensive corporate life I would have to travel from time to time, hoping to keep my sanity.

The Snowball Effect –

First Love Child


When I returned from the little weekend trip I decided that I would start writing about my previous travels while doing trips whenever possible. That’s when Traveling Curiously was born. At first only a humble wordpress blog, I was inspired to move to a self-hosted website after interacting with many like-minded people on Facebook. Slowly I got into the groove of writing regularly for the blog and interacting with super enthusiastic travel bloggers like me.

Second Love Child
The logo for

If you’ve ever talked with anyone working in the advertising industry they’ll surely tell you that a big idea just clicks and the rest of the campaign is just a simple derivation of that big thought. It flows naturally. Let’s just say I had a similar kind of experience. was born out of the blue. Nope, I didn’t plan that one.

My vision for Lunchex is very simple. I hope to build a massive online community of people who believe travel is about experiencing, preserving and sharing cultures and cuisines. It’s been about 9 months (coincidence?) and now I am actually launching a private beta which is invitation only. It’s been an enriching journey with Lunchex and I realise that there is so much to learn even on a medium that I call my own.

I had some really awesome people who helped me build the website and one heck of a boss at work who supported my detours and was super lenient with leaves.

The future

Both of these projects are very close to my heart, they are after all my love children.  I hope to run both the properties while doing a full time job. The goal is do something that benefits people across boundaries and cultures and I’m just getting started.

Want to try out when it launches? Click here and fill up a short form.

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  • Don’t Forget To Move

    Both these projects sound really cool! It’s always fun to develop something out of scratch and see how it grows. Creating our blog and developing such a wide range of skills has been an amazing journey. Looking forward to seeing yours grow!

  • Good luck with these projects! Always followed your site and found it to contain very beneficial information for the reader so definitely looking forward to seeing how these initiatives progress.

    • travelingcuriously

      Thank you so much Chris! Needless to say I will keep the entire groups posted on the progress of my initiatives. 🙂

  • Karla Fritz

    Best of luck! I will be looking for your project in the future.

    • travelingcuriously

      Thanks Karla ! I hope the project has some positive impact on everyone who becomes a part of it! 🙂

  • Sarah Ebner

    Good luck with your new kids! Your plans sound really exciting

    • travelingcuriously

      Haha! Thanks Sarah! I’m super excited. So much so that I’ve harrowed most of my close friends seeking feedback on They’ve been very supportive.

      I hope you find value in some of my plans in future! Cheers!

  • Anf Braybrooke

    Really like the name of your blog! Also, a great post. Your projects sound fascinating, good luck with everything.

    • travelingcuriously

      Thanks Anf! I’m glad to connect with you. 🙂

  • Good luck with your projects, Chaitanya! Life is so much nicer when we’re doing something we care deeply about.

    • travelingcuriously

      Thank you Mr. North! I completely agree with what you’ve said. I hope you find some value in the things I am working on, in the future! 🙂

  • Linda Anderson

    Your projects sound really interesting! Good luck with your Beta launch 🙂

    • travelingcuriously

      Thank you so much Linda! I’m really happy to connect with you! 🙂

  • Best wishes, Chaitanya, on both ventures. Traveling Curiously is a great name!

    • travelingcuriously

      Thanks Charles! I’m glad you like name ‘Traveling Curiously’ ! I must confess though, sometimes people think a little too much about the ‘curious’ bit 😛 . But I think my posts about Russia should be enough to set the records straight! 😉 😀