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Today, cameras have become very advanced. It has simplified the process of photography down to a simple click. With the rise of digital SLR cameras microchips started taking care of your shutter speed, aperture, white balance and even exposure compensation.  Inbuilt light metering helps users to simply click while the chip inside does all the hard work. The ‘Auto’ mode has well and truly made cameras popular and easy to use. Below are some tips to get the maximum out of the ‘Auto’ mode.

Auto Mode

Be Steady:

Get the best shot by simply keeping still while clicking. A tripod is highly recommended when you shoot in Auto mode. With a tripod you can take shots of some low light areas with a slower shutter speed and get some really stunning images. Make the clicking process as shake-free as possible by setting the up the self-timer or by using a remote controlled trigger.


If you are shooting without a tripod consider adapting a correct posture for your camera. Keep your feet apart and stable. Bend from the back for a lower centre of gravity ensuring the least amount of shake. Get your body as close to the view finder as possible. This would give you the best possible view of the frame that you are shooting while reducing the shakes.

Half Clicks:

The half click sets the focus and activates the light meter. The light meter records the light in the focus area, setting the appropriate aperture and shutter speeds.  This is a great mechanism which lets you capture pictures of fast moving subjects with eloquent ease.

Using zoom:

To use or not to use zoom is always a question that confronts us. Use the zoomfeature with care. It can help you capture some intricate details, butoverdoing it can limit the creativity of your photo collection.


While the chips in your camera can give you optimum settings, it cannot frame the image for you. That’s where the real creativity in photography lies. Compose for your frames with a keen eye and childish curiosity to get the best results always.

Follow these basic tips and get the best out of the ‘Auto’ mode.

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